When Visiting

Clubhouse Dress Code

Golf attire, including slacks, Bermuda-style shorts, women’s golf skirts, and golf shirts and blouses with collars, are appropriate in the Clubhouse. Types of attire not permitted include denim clothing, jeans (including dress jeans), tank tops, halters, T-shirts, and other collarless shirts, short shorts, cut-offs, swimwear and warm-up and exercise attire. Bare feet are not permitted at any time in the Clubhouse. Baseball caps and visors may not be worn on the main floor.

Cellular Phones and Pagers

Except in cases of medical emergencies, the “active” use of cellular telephones and pagers is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Club, other than the Club parking lots (and any other locations specifically designated by the Board). This includes, for example, the entire Clubhouse, the pool house, the pool café, the pool deck, the golf pro shop and learning center, the golf course, the golf practice areas, the tennis house, the tennis courts, the paddle house and the paddle courts. The “passive” use of cellular telephones and pagers is permitted for the sole purpose of listening to or reading messages but only so long as the devices are in a “silent” or “vibrate” mode and no “beeps” or “rings” or other sounds are emitted. “Land-line” telephones are available for use in various locations in the Clubhouse.